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This year’s hackathon focuses on “Unseen no more: Tackling Invisible Diseases & Disabilities.” The challenges that face healthcare in low resource settings include but is not limited to the

  • inadequate healthcare services and resources at remote communities,
  • inequitable distribution of healthcare resources,
  • differences in the healthcare behaviors between rural and urban,
  • private and public healthcare providers with public health policy implications,
  • the cost of treatment,
  • absence of specialty healthcare programs,
  • sociocultural diversity

In recent years, several national and international organizations have focused their efforts on addressing some of these challenges and improving access and quality of care to individuals in various areas of the United States and globally, but the tools and resources available to them are inadequate and extremely limited.

The 2018 A2H2 hackathon will engage the greater Michigan community in the development of solutions that address healthcare needs at low resource settings. This Community Hackathon approach has consistently shown results that differ from traditional medical or technological paradigms and puts the human (patient/ family/ caretaker) first. A2H2’s weekend event provides a venue for participants to form cross-functional teams to collaborate and compete for prizes, develop a minimum viable product or prototype, and stimulate new solutions (software or hardware), business models, and startups that help break down barriers to healthcare.

Target audience: 100-150 students, researchers and professionals from the medical, engineering, IT, design and public health sectors including non-profits, makers of healthcare and disease prevention services, consumables drugs and devices in the area and globally.

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Invitation to kick-off reception on Friday evening X
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Table at event Preferred Location X
Logo on giveaways (includes potential to provide personal swag) X X X
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Logo on website (up to 6 months after the event) X X X X

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