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Join Ann Arbor Health Hacks for their February Meeting to learn about and get involved with health care innovation!

We will meet on February 4th from 6:45 – 8:45 pm at the Ann Arbor DOWNTOWN public library, 343 S 5th Ave (3rd floor, Freespace room)

Speaker: Bailey Paxton is the founder of AgileCare Solutions. AgileCare is building software solutions which focus on solving one of the most daunting healthcare challenges in the United States and around the world: The Caregiver Crisis. When a challenging, high-stress job meets low pay, limited training, and few advancement opportunities, supply does not equal demand. By 2020, Michigan alone will face a shortage of 32,000 caregivers. The reality of this situation is that many seniors who need care will not be able to receive it. Come to the A2 Health Hack Meetup to learn how this 21-year-old is tackling the Caregiver Crisis head on and the series of successes and failures have led him down this path.

Who: Everyone who has immense interest in health care & community service is welcome to check out what A2H2 is all about, meet like-minded people,

Why: A2H2 put on this event to spread the word about the healthcare hackathon being held Sep 2019 (exact date yet to be announced). The event also kicked off volunteer registration for people interested in helping out participants in this year hackathon.

In addition to getting the word out about the Hackathon event, these Meet up and happy hours are serving to connect the Ann Arbor community:

If you are interested in updates on future events, like our facebook page < https://www.facebook.com/A2HealthHack/>.

*A hackathon is a venue for industry wide experimentation and collaboration. It’s 48-hour event which fosters cross-sector thinking and collaboration. In the case of health hackathons, these events respond to real and pressing issues to healthcare both locally and globally.