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Ann Arbor Health Hacks Weekend
Tackling Invisible Diseases & Disabilities

TBA 2020 @ The University of Michigan
Know someone with an invisible disease? Do something about it! Calling all hackers, makers, creatives and doers to join forces for an intense weekend of problem-solving and solution prototyping!

What are Invisible Diseases or Disabilities?

Over a billion people are estimated to live with some form of disability, and an estimated 40% have medical conditions are not apparent to others-invisible diseases. Examples include chronic pain disorders, mental health issues, substance use disorders, visual or auditory impairments, and learning disabilities. Mental disorders are particularly common, affecting more than 50% of adults in middle- to high- income countries at least once within their lifetime. And rates of mental health issues are rising, particularly among young people. There is often significant stigma attached to disclosing a disability, and despite an increased utilization of health care services, substantial gaps in access remain. These include treatment costs, transportation, limited service availability, physical barriers, and in some cases, health care providers that are unable or unwilling to provide care, due to lack of understanding or knowledge.

experience chronic pain


experience severe depression


experience digestive disease


experience asthma

experience hearing impairment

experience vision impairment

What is a Healthcare Hackathon?

In 2018, healthcare companies across the US raised over $24 billion—half of which was invested in digital health alone—and many of which originated at hackathons. Traditionally a hackathon is where a large group coders come together to collaborate in order to create usable software or ideas. We’ve turned this idea on its head and bring together hackers, makers, entrepreneurs, and healthcare professionals to build on everyone’s collective knowledge and experience in order to tackle some of the industry’s most complicated issues.

You take action at A2 Health Hacks

Don’t feel like you fit into any of the categories below? That’s fine! Tell us what skills you bring and why you’re passionate about healthcare. Everyone has something to contribute!

Designers, Engineers, Crafters, & Builders

It’s not always about inventing something new or solving problems through software. Many of today’s healthcare problems are caused because not everyone thinks about the end user when developing solutions. Maybe it’s about rethinking the approach for a process, engineering new physical prototypes, or redesigning someone’s DIY efforts to reach a larger audience. Makers have a unique way of approaching the world’s problems and what better way to have an impact than on healthcare issues!

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Hackers, Coders, Developers, & IT

We need anyone involved in programming and software development to help make this event successful! It’s not just about knowing the problems the healthcare industry faces, but understanding the capability of technology to solve problems. Help us think outside the box and reframe issues into problems that can be solved through the development of innovative software or programing.

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Medical, Academic, Social Health, Policy, & Public Health

Healthcare experts may be the biggest link to making our event a success. Without truly understanding the issues and hurdles the healthcare industry faces, it’s almost impossible to find the best way to address these. Without those who are investing in this world day in and day out, technology could be built with only half of the picture resulting in subpar results or solutions.

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Business Experts, Administrators, Finance, & Contractors

Healthcare solutions always sound amazing and begin with good intentions, but can quickly lose focus because of difficulties scaling up and implementing. Entrepreneurs can help ensure that ideas are economically feasible and presented in a way that would garner support from backers.

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