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Are you a hacker, maker, geek, doctor, public health worker?

Do you have a passion to solve healthcare problems?

Do you want to put your knowledge and skills to work

by participating in the 2018 A2H2 Hackathon?

Come meet us at our upcoming meet-up!

Our special guests for this month are our winners from the 2017 A2H2 Hackathon on Removing Barriers to Healthcare:
Team Jarvis and Team Orthofit!!


About Jarvis: Ambulance companies providing Emergency Medical Services have to adhere to the response times stated in their contract. Deviance from the stipulated response times results in penalties or termination of contract. Now, operating an ambulance is expensive; typically upwards of $1 million a year so ambulance companies find it challenging to determine the optimal fleet size required to meet their response times. By using state-of-the-art predictive algorithms JARVIS determines optimal placements for ambulances within a given service area with an objective of minimizing the total response time. By taking into account dynamic factors such as weather, traffic, major events, demographics, etc. JARVIS keeps continuously updating these optimal placements. With predictive algorithms and optimal placements, JARVIS aims to reduce the total number of ambulances while still adhering to contractual service levels.

About Orthofit: Orthofit is a software plugin to generate personalized 3D-printed orthopedic surgical implants to treat pediatric chest deformities, modeling optimal surgical placement using CT scan data.

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