Step One: Bringing the Community Together

A2H2 hosted its first Happy Hour on March 9th at Bar Louie in downtown Ann Arbor to spread the word about the healthcare hackathon* being held June 24 - 26. As a first step towards bringing people together for a weekend-long hackathon, we thought we’d bring some of them together for a couple of hours to feel the energy of collaboration, innovation, and learning. Approximately 40 professionals, academics, and students made it out to the happy hour. Present was a mix of the Ann Arbor community, brought together for the love of tech, development, and good causes:

Rose Figueroa, PhD student and President of Michigan Graduate Consulting Club said, “[It was] great to see the mix of students and professionals at the happy hour!”

Supply Chain Design Consultant, Arad Gharehbaghi from local software company, LLamasoft, made it out. When asked about his experience at the event, he said, “It was great to meet people from diverse backgrounds and I’ve already made a great connection for a different project that I’m working on. Looking forward to the event in June!”

The number one question asked was “Are you going to do more happy hours?”. The answer is - Yes! A2H2 will be hosting up another happy hour on March 29th from 6-8pm at Bar Louie. We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are interested in updates on future events, like our Facebook page. If you are interested in volunteering for the hackathon in June, please register here.

*A hackathon is a venue for industry-wide experimentation and collaboration. It’s 48-hour event which fosters cross-sector thinking and collaboration. In the case of health hackathons, these events respond to real and pressing issues to healthcare both locally and globally.

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